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High Chief 2 PERS 30GR

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The effects of High Chief Truffles

Want to enjoy the magic truffles with a friend? Then choose the High Chief truffles. You will find two vacuum packs of 15 grams of magic truffles in a box. The effects of this magic truffle are highly visual, mentally and physical. This magic truffle is especially for experienced psychonauts. When you buy the High Chief truffles you are in for a pleasant afternoon. These magical truffles give you strong visual effects known as hallucinations. It is a magic truffle that we recommend to experienced psychonauts given the power it possesses. They relax you enormously and give that wonderful relaxed feeling. Chances are you will lose the sense of time and space. A minute seems to last for hours and so you can completely immerse yourself in the trip you make on magic truffles. The psychoactive substances have a great impact on you during the trip. Chances are that you are very thirsty afterwards.

High Chief Truffles are very powerful

This magic truffle is especially for experienced psychonauts. It is so strong that we recommend using only 15 grams of the magic truffle. When you buy the High Chief truffles you will receive 30 grams. However, you are supposed to share this with a friend.

The psychoactive effects of High Chief Truffles

The High Chief truffles contain psilocybin. In this case psilocybe High Chief. This is a tripamine. After eating magic truffles in your body, this substance is converted into the substance psilocin. This can have various effects. This can vary from spiritual experiences to hallucinations. Psilocin has an effect on the brain. The psilocin cells bind to the serotonin brain receptors.

Taking High Chief Truffles

The easiest way is to eat the High Chief truffles raw. This is no fun for some people. Then you can choose to grind the truffles with a truffle grinder. This limits the flavor molecules that are released in your mouth. Another possibility is to mix the High Chief truffles with custard. The smell of the High Chief truffles is different from what you are used to from magic truffles and is very pleasant.

How do you get the best trip?

You get the most out of the High Chief truffles when you chew them long and well. This way, the psychoactive substances are released well and they are also absorbed more effectively by your body.

Dosage High Chief Truffles

The High Chief truffles come in a package of 30 grams. However, this is a package for 2 people. As an experienced psychonaut, choose 15 grams. We advise you not to eat this in one go but to do this in two stages. You will notice the first effects within 45 minutes. Now is the time to decide whether to eat the rest of the magic truffles or leave it at that. If you choose 7.5 grams of High Chief truffles, you will experience an intense high. If you eat the entire 15 grams, you go for an intense trip where you end up in a different world full of visual effects and hallucinations.

How long does a trip take on High Chief truffles

After 45 minutes you will notice the first effects of the High Chief truffles. An hour and a half after eating the truffles, the trip will reach its peak level and that will take about 3 hours. The entire trip will take about 8 hours.

Preparation before using magic truffles

When eating High Chief truffles it is best to do this on an empty stomach. So don't eat anything for several hours before you eat magic truffles. This will benefit your trip. In addition, make sure you have a trip stopper at home. If the trip is a bit too intense, the trip stopper can help you to remove the sharp edges. A trip sitter is also recommended. A down-to-earth friend who will be present during your trip to help you with difficult moments. Or simply handy for getting things for you that you need to use during your trip but are hard to find. As an experienced psychonaut, we don't need to explain that you, to only use magic truffles with friends you trust and in a familiar environment.

Storing High Chief Truffles

The Chief High truffles always come with an expiration date. This way you always know how long you can keep them. Store the truffles at a temperature between 2 and 4 degrees Celsius. Preferably in a dark place. We do recommend that you leave four weeks between the times that you use magic truffles. This prevents your body from developing a tolerance for the psychoactive substances.

Buying High Chief Truffles

You can easily buy the High Chief truffles in our online smartshop. The freshly grown truffles are delivered vacuum packed. We ship our truffles

Product warning

  • Do not use Magic truffles if you are in a bad mood, depressed, psychotic or otherwise mentally unstable
  • Magic truffles are not suitable for minors or pregnant women, nor is it wise to drive or operate heavy machinery under the influence of psilocybin.
  • Mushroom truffles should never be used in combination with alcohol or other drugs (prescription or illegal).
  • Start with a small dose and make sure you feel comfortable with your company and environment.
  • All our Magic Mushroom Truffles are freshly packed. You must keep them in the refrigerator. You can store them unopened in the refrigerator for about 2 months. Once opened, however, the truffles can only be stored for a few days.
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