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Double Vision Pro Pack

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The Effects of Double Vision Truffles

When you combine two of the strongest magic truffles you get the Double Vision truffles. And that's exactly what we did. Ridiculously strong visuals and an intense trip guaranteed. Highly recommended for experienced psychonauts. If you want to experience intense hallucinations and strong visuals, choose Double Vision truffles. These strong magic truffles makes of every trip a special moment. The trip often starts after 45 minutes with a some laugh-kicks. Laugh together with your friends about the stupidest things. A euphoric and cheerful feeling that you can no longer control. A little later in the trip, the closed-eye visuals and patterns begin to appear on the walls around you. Colors will be so bright and come alive like you never have seen before. When you get deeper into the trip, the visual effects begin. Fusions of faces, a feeling with the sofa on which you sit and hallucinations you have never experienced before. This trip is intense and can take a very long time.

Double Vision Truffles are one of the strongest magic truffles in the world

The Double Vision truffles are a combination of the Hollandia truffles and Utopia truffles. These are in themselves two very strong magic truffles and when you combine them as with the Double Vision truffles, they reinforce each other. The magical trip will blow you away. It combines the best of both worlds. It is not without reason that we only advise the Double Vision truffles to experienced psychonauts. This is a very intense trip.

The psychoactive effects of Double Vision Truffles

Magic truffles, such as the Double Vision truffles, contain psychoactive substances. Psilocybin to be precise. When this substance enters your body, psilocybin is converted into psilocin. Psilocin provides the hallucinogenic effects you get from eating magic truffles. The more psilocybin present in the magic truffles, the stronger the trip.

Using Double Vision Truffles

As with all magic truffles, you can eat the Double Vision truffles raw or use them in, for example, custard. You can also make truffle tea or mix it with cup-a-soup. Another choice is to run the magic truffles through a truffle grinder so that you are less troubled by vomiting. This will also enhance the effect.

Eating the magic truffles

In any case, make sure you chew the truffles well. That means that you also chew the truffles for a long time. This ensures a good absorption of the psychoactive substances and is also better for your stomach.

Dosage Double Vision Truffles

All magic truffles are different. That means you don't know exactly what the effect will be, even if you eat exactly the same weight as last time. Your mood, weight and level of adrenaline in your body also play a role. Therefore, always start with half a portion. After 45 minutes you will notice the first effects. We recommend that you decide at this point whether you will eat the rest of the magic truffles or keep them for the next time. We recommend 10 grams of Double Vision truffles for a milder trip. If you want an intensely strong trip, you eat the entire 25 gram cup. That is a seriously large portion, which is why it is important that you eat it in stages.

How long does a trip on magic truffles take

The Double Vision truffles will start working after about 45 minutes. The trip takes about 6 to 8 hours. It is not without reason that this truffle is ideally suited for the experienced psychonauts.

Preparing for a trip on magic truffles

It is essential to prepare for a trip on magic truffles. To make the magic truffles work well, eat them on an empty stomach. That means you don't eat anything hours before the trip. During the trip you can of course just eat and drink. Make sure you have it ready to grap so you don't have to search between hallucinations. Only use these truffles in a trusted and safe environment. In doing so, you ensure that you know and trust your fellow psychonauts well. Worries and stress have a negative impact on your trip. In addition, you ensure that a trip sitter is present. This is a sober friend who will help you during the trip. It is possible that your trip is too intense. Then its good 'to have this level-headed friend you can trust and who can help you if you need it. During a trip on Double Vision truffles you lose the sense of time and space. You can hardly realize that this trip will stop at some point. A trip sitter can convince you of this. Finally, make sure you have a trip stopper at home. This helps you during a difficult trip to remove the sharp edges and speed up the decomposition process.

Storage of Double Vision Truffles

If you decide not to eat the fresh truffles Double Vision Truffles immediately, you can save them. Keep them cool and dry. The refrigerator is an excellent place for this. You can often keep them for at least a month. The ideal temperature is between 2 and 4 degrees Celsius. Be sure to check the expiration date on the packaging to see how long they can be kept.

Buy Double Vision Truffles

With Double Vision truffles you are going on a serious trip. Buy your Double Vision truffles in our online smartshop when you are ready for a trip that exceeds all expectations. This is the moment you have been working towards with all previous trips.

Product warning

  • Do not use Magic truffles if you are in a bad mood, depressed, psychotic or otherwise mentally unstable
  • Magic truffles are not suitable for minors or pregnant women, nor is it wise to drive or operate heavy machinery under the influence of psilocybin.
  • Mushroom truffles should never be used in combination with alcohol or other drugs (prescription or illegal).
  • Start with a small dose and make sure you feel comfortable with your company and environment.
  • All our Magic Mushroom Truffles are freshly packed. You must keep them in the refrigerator. You can store them unopened in the refrigerator for about 2 months. Once opened, however, the truffles can only be stored for a few days.
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