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    Cambodian Premium Mushroom Growkit

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    In the Psilocybe cubensis Cambodia mushroom growkit you will find the highest quality mycelium that ensures a great mushroom harvest. High quality and large quantities.... Show more
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    Product description

    What can you find in the Cambodia Mushroom Growkit?

    In the growkit you will find a mycelium off Psilocybe cubensis Cambodia. The Cambodian mycelium is colonized on a substrate of rye and perlite. This is located in the grow kit under a layer of vermiculite. Everything is there to start growing magic mushrooms almost immediately and this is how we recommend to grow the highest possible quality magic mushrooms.

    With the Cambodia mushroom growkit you can grow more mushrooms in a shorter time than when you order a normal growkit. The reason for this is that the large volume of this growkit , namely 1200cc.

    In the Cambodian Mushroom Growkit you will find:

    • A 1200cc growkit with mycelium of the Psilocybe Cambodiescens species
    • A grow bag
    • A paperclip
    • Growing Instructions

    Highest quality mycelium and magic mushrooms

    Dr.Paddo stands for quality. That is why we only supply the highest quality mushroom grow kits. We have elevated this to an art based on scientific figures. Never before have you been able to grow mushrooms so reliably and easily in the convenience of your home environment. The mycelium is of the highest quality, like the the breeding ground from which it extracts its nutrition in order to grow. This makes growing Cambodia magic mushrooms a breeze.

    Cambodian Mushroom a classic magic mushroom trip

    Growing Cambodia mushrooms is fun, but the trip is sensational. This also makes it worthwhile to grow mushrooms with the highest quality Cambodian Mushroom Growkit . You have enough for yourself but also for a group of friends for a great afternoon.

    With the classic Cambodian mushroom grown with this mushroom grow kit you can count on an intense experience of everything that takes place in your environment. Colors have never been clearer, sounds have never sounded so pure and your surroundings come to life. A classic mushroom trip.

    How many shrooms do you use?

    The first time you use magic mushrooms, you want to take it easy. Get to know your body and mind by gradually building up the volume. You end up in a different world and there is no immediate way back. Therefore, on your first trip, start with 9 grams of fresh mushrooms or 1 gram of dried mushrooms.

    If you are an experienced psychonaut and you long for an intense trip, choose 35 grams of fresh mushrooms. With Cambodian mushrooms this equals 3.5 grams of dried mushrooms.

    Growing mushrooms is easy with the Cambodian Mushroom Growkit

    Nowadays it's so simple to grow mushrooms that anyone can do it. The grow kit comes with easy grow instructions, so everyone can enjoy a large harvest of Cambodian mushrooms within weeks. There are 9 simple steps to follow and before you know, you will be in another dimension. Why go outside to the smartshop if you can order here online, we deliver the mushroom grow kit directly to your home in a discreet packaging.

    Swimming in shrooms with just one grow kit

    From a harvest with the Cambodian Mushroom Growkit you get about 300 to 600 grams of fresh mushrooms. Enough for you and your friends to experience a wonderful spiritual journey to another dimension. But if you're smart, and you are, then you're going to use the magic mushroom growkit several times. This can sometimes be done up to 5 times. That's 5 harvests. So you can get more mushrooms out of one growkit. If you assume an intense trip of 35 grams of fresh magic mushrooms you can get about 15 trips from just one magic mushroom growkit with 500 grams of fresh magic mushrooms.

    If you want to go for a maximum mushroom harvest then you also need to take care of the mushroom growkit perfectly. Therefore follow the growing instructions in our included magic mushroom growkit manual.

    Magic mushroom growing guide

    With your order you will always receive growing instructions, but you may want to know in advance how growing mushrooms works. That's why you can read the manual for growing Cambodian magic mushrooms below. These instructions will help you grow your mushrooms and ensure the greatest harvest.

    1. When growing magic mushrooms, a clean working environment is important so that you minimize the chance of contamination of the magic mushrooms. Wash your hands carefully and wipe the outside of the mushroom grow kit with a wet towel before opening the grow kit.
    2. Now remove the cover from the grow kit and pierce 6 to 8 rows with holes in the top layer with a clean fork so that the top layer can absorb water better.
    3. Now fill the grow kit with lukewarm water up to the brim and place the lid back on the grow kit. This will let you soak for 1 hour.
    4. After an hour, pour the water from the growkit. Be prepared for thisight but try to let the growkit drain for 5 seconds.
    5. Add two cups of water to the grow bag and place the grow kit in the grow bag. The water should not overflow the grow kit.
    6. Flip the grow bag over at the top so it is airtight and slide paperclips over to seal.
    7. Now place the grow kit where you will be growing the mushrooms. This should not be located next to a direct heat source, under a lamp and also out of direct sunlight. This way you prevent the grow kit from drying out. The ideal temperature is between 20 and 25 degrees. A heat mat can help with this.
    8. Only as soon as the pre-pinheads become visible does the growkit need fresh oxygen and humidification. Until then, simply leave the grow bag closed. However, as soon as the first pre-pinheads become visible, open the grow bag daily and moisten the grow bag with a maximum of 2 syringes from the plant sprayer.
    9. The first shrooms will probably be visible after two weeks. This can also take a little longer. Harvest the magic mushrooms just before the membrane under the hat starts to come off.

    Buy Cambodian psilocybe cubensis magic mushroom growkit online

    Order your Cambodian Mushroom Growkit now directly on the website of Dr.Paddo. In our online smart shop we process thousands of grow kit orders every year. In order to serve our customers as well as possible, we have delved into scientific research to find the right grow kits for you. That is why you only buy grow kits with the highest quality mycelium from us. That's why thousands of psychonauts order from Dr.Paddo. Always delivered quickly and discreetly.


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    Cambodian Premium Mushroom Growkit
    € 32,50
    Cambodian Premium Mushroom Growkit
    Cambodian Growkit 1200cc
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